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Camping at the Other Denali

Everyone has heard of Denali National Park in Alaska. But how familiar are you with its neighbor, Denali State Park? We were in the middle of a three-month RV tour of Alaska with plans to meet friends at the entrance to the national park in a few days. Maps showed that the state park abutted the … Continue Reading


An Old-Fashioned Sawmill

Vacationers and wanderers venturing north up Interstate 5 in Oregon might consider deviating from their path and, at Highway 126, just west of Springfield, slide over to Highway 99. Nestled in the 47 miles between the rival universities in Eugene and Corvallis are wonderful small towns, exquisite farm country … Continue Reading


Alaska by Ferry and RV

The Alaska Marine Highway, a ferry system with a 3,500-mile route from Washington State to the Aleutian Islands, provides a way to experience the breathtaking scenery of Alaska in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. And you can bring along a car, motorcycle or RV to explore towns along the way. The state of … Continue Reading

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Cutting Edge Fishing

On really nice benefit to a great fishing year like most of the salmon fishers have just enjoyed is that you can get pretty good at cleaning your catch. While one might assume that most fishermen can … [Read More...]


Timely Advice

The RV lifestyle is an active one, and that’s why our magazine has monthly columns on golf and fishing, and we periodically run articles on everything from kayaking and hiking to skiing and … [Read More...]


Iceland: Golf in the Rough

You’d think that September would be an ideal time for golf. And that’s true for the most part, but not if you’re golfing in Iceland, where the northern reaches of this island country extend beyond the … [Read More...]


Quick Mexican Meals

Who doesn't love Mexican food? For the delightful crunch of tacos to saucy enchiladas, no other cuisine has the same appeal for such a massive audience. One look at the number of Mexican restaurant … [Read More...]


Coping with Age

I don’t own an old RV, but I do have an old car that my wife absolutely loves, a 1990 Buick Park Avenue that we bought new 25 years ago, so I know something about the challenges of maintaining aging … [Read More...]


Back from the Fire

And the winds blow between enormous blackened boulders and through blackened scrub trees and above the blackened skeletal remains that were houses or barns or studios or cars...but the spirits that … [Read More...]

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Fruits and vegetables

Healthy Bones

When we consider the need to focus on strengthening our bones and ensuring good bone density, we usually think this is something we don’t really need to worry about until about retirement age, or at … [Read More...]

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