Fulltiming: The Documentary DVD

How did their family react when they were told they were selling their house to live on the road? What type of RV did they choose and why? What mistakes did they make? How do they finance their travels? How do they take care of their everyday affairs? What about medical concerns? How do couples get along in such a small space?

Wood covers all these topics and dozens more. And as a bonus, he stops by the Life On Wheels Conference at the University of Idaho and visits with RVing experts there who discuss everything from traveling with pets to packing a rig to getting their RVs serviced on the road and even how they connect to the Internet.

Ask yourself this: if you could have a discussion with a couple dozen full-time RVers and a dozen full-timing experts about full-timing and how to do it. . . would you grab the opportunity? Well, watch this DVD and that's exactly what you'll get.

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