The Healthy Traveler: Tips to Avoid Illnesses when Traveling


At any given time, there are germs floating around that can make you and your family ill. As you RV, you will stop at rest areas, visit restaurants and shop in stores where people could have a summer flu, pneumonia or some other serious illness. You don’t want to spend your trip locked in the motorhome trying to hide from the world, but you do want to protect your family from the dangers of contagious illnesses. Here are some tips to help you keep everyone safe while you are out on the road.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

It’s not enough to wash your hands after using the bathroom. You should ideally be washing your hands several times throughout the day. Before you head out on the road after a stop, use a little of the water in your holding tanks and give your hands a good scrub.

Don’t Drink the Local Water

The water in other states can make you sick because it’s just not what you’re used to at home. Avoid problems with an upset stomach by investing in a water filter for the RV and trying not to drink tap water that you are not accustomed to.

b2ap3_thumbnail_kleenex.jpgHave Tissues Handy

Have tissues near the driver, in the passenger area and in the bedroom. Encourage everyone to use a tissue when they need to cough or sneeze. Drop the tissues directly in the trash can to avoid contamination.

Clean Regularly

Like cars, motorhomes are filled with surfaces that can harbor bacteria. Use anti-bacterial cleaning wipes to keep the interior of your motorhome clean and safe. In addition to wiping off the table after meals, take a few moments to wipe off door handles, the steering wheel and other items that are touched by multiple people.

Watch the Health and Travel Advisories

b2ap3_thumbnail_weather.jpgBefore you head out in the RV, take a few minutes to check the weather along the way. It’s also wise to check for public health advisories. This information can tell you if you should be particularly concerned about West Nile virus from mosquitoes or any particular illnesses. Depending on the severity of warnings, you may decide to alter plans or just prepare a little more carefully.

You want to travel, but you don’t want to pick up any illnesses along the way. The good news is that you can safely travel the country when you follow a few simple precautions. You already wash your hands, but you should add regular cleaning of the motorhome door handles and other surfaces to your list. Take along a water filter, and make the time to check the public health advisories in areas you are planning on visiting.

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