Winegard Redesigns RV Antenna

Winegard Company has introduced the RoadStar 3000, a redesigned omnidirectional antenna that is able to receive free standard and high-definition programming from signals within a 35-mile radius of a parked RV.

The digital antenna, which is made in the U.S., finds and pulls in VHF, UHF and FM broadcast signals without any need to hand-crank or aim the antenna. The RoadStar 3000 is 7.56 inches high and 14.88 inches in diameter. It comes with a pedestal mount for installation without any special tools.

Aaron Engberg, director of mobile products at Winegard, said “We’ve streamlined the design to make it more compact and aerodynamic. With its full 360-degree signal reception and enhanced amplifier that helps pull in weak signals from fringe areas, the RoadStar packs a lot of power for its size.”

The antenna comes with a two-way splitter for a second TV and optional cable input. Color choices are white and black. Suggested retail price is $89.99.

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