4 Embarrassing Things We Did As New RVers

Being a new RV owner comes with lots of good memories and some you would probably prefer to forget. These beginner mistakes generally only damage our pride, with the exception of some dents and scratches. 

As long as nobody gets hurt and it doesn't cause major damage, these embarrassing things are learning experiences and often humorous to look back on.

Black tank hose issues

Arriving at the campsite and getting set up can be overwhelming. There is lots to do and easy-to-miss things. Hooking up sewer hoses is an easy task, but it must be done properly. Sewer leaks can be serious and costly for the camper.


Not locking in a sewer connection or securing the elbow to the campground's sewer pipe can lead to a smelly mess.  Another embarrassing thing is disconnecting your sewer hose from your RV before closing the black tank valve.  

Backing into your site

It takes time to become confident in your backing skills. Each campsite you arrive at will be different in some way. Only time and experience will sharpen these skills.


As you pull into a campground, there are lots of people sitting around watching everything happening. The audience makes this situation so much worse. Added pressure from watching eyes often results in mistakes and a few extra tries.

When you finally do get parked, getting out and facing the audience can be embarrassing. It is hard to consider at the time, but people feel your pain, as they have all been there before.

Losing your awning

After arriving at the campsite and getting set up, out comes the awning and you forget about it until it's time to leave. In most cases, this isn't an issue, and perhaps that's why newbies get caught with their awning out on the wrong day.


Coming back to see your awning ripped off or bent and mangled is both embarrassing and frustrating. Wind gusts can pick up quickly, and struggling to get your awning back in against the wind is like folding up your beach umbrella in the wind.

Weather forecasts should always be checked if you're leaving your RV unattended. If you are awakened at night from high winds, save yourself the morning embarrassment and close your awning.

Forgetting connections

The campground only provides a pipe to run your sewer hose to, an electrical box to plug into, and a water spigot to connect to. How all these things get connected is up to you.


With all these connections, it can be easy to forget something at home. In the case of newbie RVers, you may have even forgotten to purchase a certain item like a water hose or electrical adapter.  Over time, you will build your collection of fittings, and you will have an organized space for everything.