Where Can You Find Free RV Storage?

From insurance payments to RV maintenance costs, there is a lot to budget for if you’re an RV owner. For this reason, many RVers are looking for ways to cut costs. One of the best ways to go about this is to save on RV storage fees. This leaves many RV owners asking, “Where can I store my RV for free?”

Surprisingly, there are a number of free RV storage options. That said, whether you’ll be able to find one that works for you depends on your individual situation.  Check out this list of options to see if you can find your answer.

Your driveway

The first and most obvious solution is to store your rig in your driveway.  This is the perfect solution (if it's possible), as you can keep an eye on your RV and have easy access to whatever you store inside.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons storing your RV in your driveway may not work. Perhaps your driveway is too small or too steep for the motorhome or trailer, or maybe your HOA doesn’t allow people to store RVs in their yards whatsoever.  In these cases, we recommend trying one of the other free RV storage options on this list.

Your yard

Maybe you can’t use your driveway because it’s too steep or small, but storing it elsewhere on your property would be fine. In this case, you might consider storing your RV in your yard instead. 

Your garage

If your biggest issue is an HOA rule against RVs that are stored in view, and if your rig is small enough, you could consider storing it in the garage. This is ideal for protecting the RV against the elements and keeping it handy all the time.

A friend or family member’s property

Maybe your own driveway, yard, or garage won’t work. That’s not to say nobody else can have an RV parked on their property. If you have a close friend or family member who has land, ask if you can store your RV there. 

Church parking lot

Many churches have large parking lots that are rarely full. You probably wouldn’t be able to store your RV there all the time, but if you have such a church in your community and you need storage on a short-term basis, it’s worth asking if you can store your RV there.

Other local lots

If you know somebody who runs a business with a decent-sized lot, you might ask about parking your rig there. Again, we wouldn’t expect to park in the lot of a business full-time, but if you just need storage for a week or two, it can be a good option.

RV dealership

Many RV dealers offer RV storage, and many offer discounted storage to their customers. In some cases, there are even deals that include the first year of storage on the RV lot for free!

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