10 Common Myths About Full-Time RVing

If you are thinking about going full-time in your RV, it’s a sure bet you have a lot of questions. Other RVers can answer some of those questions, but there are some things you can only experience for yourself.

Let’s bust some common myths about full-time RVing. It might just help you see that full-time RVing might not be out of reach.

"We can’t afford to full-time RV."

I can’t say there are no expenses when you full-time RV. There is more wear and tear on your rig, which could lead to costly repairs. You will have more gas expenses if you travel a lot. However, there are plenty of ways to earn money while on the road.

Common myth #1

"We'll be lonely without friends and family around."

No doubt you will miss your family and friends, but you will meet so many people on the road that become your new connections.

Common myth #2

"Living in a small space won't work."

Find an RV that will work for you. There are many rigs out there, such as larger Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels, that can help you find separation when you start to feel too confined.

Common myth #3

"I've never pulled/driven an RV before."

There are many experienced RVers who can say they never pulled or drove an RV before they got started. Check for classes in your area that will help you get more comfortable with driving or pulling a camper.

Common myth #4

"I can't go full-time RVing with pets."

As a dog mom of two hairy scoundrels, I can say having dogs can make your RV life better but not necessarily easier. They love to be wherever we are, so leaving them behind was never an option.

Common myth #5

"I can't have reliable health insurance on the road."

Some options are more expensive than others. Check out RVer Insurance Exchange for options that might be right for you.

Common myth #6

"I can't rely on campground internet to work from home."

Read reviews on RV LIFE Campgrounds from other campers, or even run an internet speed test.  There are great hotspot options on most wireless carriers. Other options include Wi-Fi boosters or nearby coffee shops. You can also check out Starlink for RVs.

Common myth #7

"I don't have any experience RVing."

Everyone has to start somewhere, and most RVers don’t have much experience when they start full-time RVing. You will learn as you go and make mistakes along the way. Don’t forget to take advantage of others’ knowledge and experiences.  

Common myth #8

"I can't cook in my RV."

You can cook in your RV, but you just may have to do things differently. If you want to bake, you will have to learn to cook in a gas oven. Your gas cooktop will also take some time to perfect. You also have a microwave, and there are tons of appliances that can make cooking easier and faster.  

Common myth #9

"My friends and family will think I'm crazy."

Your friends and family may think you are crazy, but that’s ok. You have your own life, and no one needs to tell you how to live. Once they see that you are happy, then they will most likely be happy for you.

Common myth #10