How To Make Corn On The Cob Over A Campfire

Who doesn’t love some good corn on the cob? This treat is easy to make, plus it’s warm and bursting with flavor.  There are several ways to get the job done, but we’re here to teach you the best way to cook corn on the cob over a campfire.

Boiled corn takes longer than other methods. This is because you need to boil an entire pot of water. It’s still relatively quick, and you don’t need to deal with the messy business of ashes and coals.

Boiled corn

To begin, fill a metal pot about 1/2 full of water, add a dash of salt, and place it over a campfire.  Now just toss the cobs into the water, cover the pot, and wait for a few minutes. The time varies depending on the heat of your fire, but somewhere between 3-5 minutes will usually do the trick.

One of the best ways to cook corn on the cob is the classic tin foil approach.  To begin, shuck as much corn as you need. Wash the cobs in cold water to remove as much of the silk as possible, then pat them dry.

Corn roasted in tin foil

Sprinkle salt and pepper over the cobs, then add 2 tablespoons of butter per cob.   Now you just need to wrap it in tin foil! Tightly seal up the ends so that the butter doesn’t leak out.  Nestle the wrapped corn in the coals for about 8 minutes. If you want a more even cook, rotate the corn halfway through.

Finally, you can grill the corn over an open flame if you want to get a nice smoky taste. This method has a higher risk of burning/charring, but the results are delicious.

Fire-grilled corn

The best toppings for corn on the cob

We also have a few topping ideas to spice up your next dish. So, get the fire started, shuck the corn, and get ready to make a delicious meal!

Butter, salt, and pepper

If you're looking for a classic combo, you can't go wrong with butter, salt, and pepper. They combine to make a delicious treat that's salty, savory, and sweet.

Mayo, cotija cheese, and cayenne pepper

This combination is classic. Sprinkle your corn with cotija cheese, cayenne pepper, and maybe a bit of lime juice, and you've got a hit on your hands!

Bacon and basil

If you want something a little more herbal and savory, top your corn with crumbled bacon and basil. Herbed butter will help these ingredients stick.

Cream cheese

If you love cheese, you can spice up your corn with a layer of cream cheese. Once the cream cheese has been softened, it's easy to spread on the corn.

Lemon juice

Try adding a squirt of lemon juice and salt. These will add acidity and tang to your food. Plus, they can improve the potency of the corn's sweetness by contrast.

Cinnamon sugar

Corn is naturally pretty sweet, and you can enhance it by spreading cinnamon sugar over the cob. Use butter to help everything stick.