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RV Hitch Storage: The Pros And Cons

By Jennifer Jennings

One of the biggest struggles for many people while using their RV is not having enough storage.

This is especially true for people who live full-time in their camper, travel with the whole family, or have a smaller RV.

Additional storage space

The pros of RV hitch storage

If you struggle to fit all your luggage or tools into your RV, hitch storage might be the solution for you.  RV hitch storage options may be particularly beneficial for people with smaller campers or even vans.


The pros of RV hitch storage

Decent options start at around $200 and go up from there. While this may not seem cheap to some, it certainly is when you compare it to purchasing a larger rig with more storage options.

Little impact on fuel economy

The pros of RV hitch storage

RV hitch storage devices don't drastically change the aerodynamics of your RV. That means there won't be a significant change in the fuel efficiency that you're used to.

Easy to use

The pros of RV hitch storage

As long as the vehicle you want to attach it to has a tow hitch, mounting and dismounting an RV hitch storage unit is a breeze.

Difficult to back in

Cons of RV hitch storage

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As if backing in an RV isn't challenging enough, adding an extra few feet of hitch storage isn't going to make things any easier.

Cons of RV hitch storage

Lack of security

Unless your items are chained down with a lock, they may potentially get stolen. This risk can be minimized by opting for a hitch storage box or somehow locking your supplies to the hitch.

Cons of RV hitch storage

Complicated configuration

Depending on the configuration of the rear of your RV and the size of the items you're putting on the hitch storage, you may block your vehicle's lights or license plate. This is not only a potential hazard but may even be illegal, depending on what state you're in.

Cons of RV hitch storage

Requires hitch receiver

While some hitch storage options can be easy to install when your rig already has a trailer hitch, not all RVs have them. If your travel trailer or fifth wheel doesn't have a trailer hitch, the good news is that you can install one.

Cons of RV hitch storage

Potential to damage your RV

While many motorhomes come standard with tow hitches, most towable RVs don't. If you have to attach your hitch storage to your bumper or install a tow hitch, you run the risk of damaging your rig.

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