How To Find Medical Care While Traveling

Finding medical care on the road is totally doable.  Let's take a look at the best options for RV medical care, so you know how and where to find help when you need it.

RV insurance options

Finding insurance as a full-time RVer can be a challenge. If you’re working for a company, you’ll likely have insurance through your employer. Everyone else will have to look into other options.

Depending on your income level, might be a good place to start. Another option is the RVer Insurance Exchange. This company focuses on helping RVers find affordable coverage.  Finally, if you have Medicare, there is a good chance your coverage will work in all states.

Whether or not you have insurance, telemedicine can be a great way to find medical care.  Telemedicine allows you to visit a doctor via video call, meaning you can get diagnoses, prescriptions, refills, and more without leaving the comfort of your couch.


One of the most popular telemedicine services is Teledoc. Most insurance companies cover Teledoc visits, but if yours doesn’t, you can pay for individual visits. Another option is to pay a monthly fee for unlimited virtual doctor visits through a service such as Our Doctor, or if you have kids, Blueberry Pediatrics.

Some things cannot be done over video call. In these cases, finding in-person care is necessary. Fortunately, this is almost always doable.

Finding in-person health services

First, try to schedule visits to your domicile state every few months. Always go to your doctor for checkups and/or complaints during these visits. If you have a complaint that can wait, you’ll often be better off making an appointment before you arrive “home” and waiting those few weeks until you can see your own doctor. 

If you must seek out care, look for an urgent care center rather than heading to the emergency room, unless it’s a true emergency.  Before you go, make sure the visit will be covered by your insurance. Some people even head out on each trip with a list of facilities covered under their insurance in the area they are visiting. 

In a few cases, an urgent care center won’t be able to offer much help, and care by a specialist will be necessary.  When this comes up, you will have the option to find a local doctor who is covered by your insurance or head back to your domicile.