6 Reasons To Buy A Used RV

Most people work hard for their money and want to consider all the pros and cons of every major purchase. 

To facilitate that consideration, here are six reasons to buy a used RV rather than a new one.


New RVs are more expensive and depreciate quickly

As soon as you drive off the lot, your RV loses value.  Unless you intend to keep your RV for many years, that immediate loss of value is often considered a waste of money.


The used market provides the most diverse selection

In the used market, you can find everything from almost new motorhomes to vintage campers or even DIY restoration projects.


You can buy from a dealership or private sellers

When you buy directly from the owner, both you and the seller benefit financially because there is no middleman taking a cut out of the transaction.


Used RVs have all the bugs worked out

When you buy a used RV, most defects have been resolved by the original owner. Plus, you can have it inspected to confirm it is in working order.


You can find "like new" RVs at a reduced price

Many RV owners will trade in their rig soon after buying it for a model that fits them better. All these virtually new RVs will be available in the used marketplace at reduced prices.


You can access professional help in the private market

If you buy an RV that is clear across the country, and you don’t want to go and get it, services like National Vehicle can even help you arrange for the transport or delivery.