7 Reasons To Go Camping This Fall

Summer camping has its merits. The warm temperatures allow us to camp near lovely beaches or in cool mountain air.  However, many RVers overlook fall as an amazing season for camping. Let's look at seven reasons why you'll love fall camping in your RV.

1. Great campsites are easy to find

Summer is the most popular time of year for camping. This is largely due to the fact that kids are out of school. In the fall, you'll find that many campsites are available in gorgeous campgrounds. This is especially true on weekends.

2. The scenery is beautiful

Fall brings brilliant red, orange, and yellow colors as trees get ready to shed their leaves for winter. For photographers, this can make either a stunning subject or backdrop.

3. It's peaceful and quiet

In early fall, most children go back to school. With virtually no children, campgrounds are more quiet and peaceful. The only sounds you'll hear when you are fall camping are the rustling of leaves, rivers running over rocks, and birds singing.

4. It's not too hot, but not too cold

Fall evenings can bring chilly temperatures that are perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage next to a campfire.  If you ever find it too cold, you can always go indoors and enjoy the comforts of your RV's heating system.

5. There are fewer insects

Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects aren't as active with cooler fall temperatures.  This makes it easy to just relax outside the RV without having to use insect repellent or be bothered by bugs.

6. You can save money by camping in the fall

Many campgrounds lower their fees to entice fall campers. This makes fall camping more economical than summer camping.  You can expect to save between $5 and $15 per night on a campsite if you book between September 16 and October 31.

7. You can enjoy a campfire again

As temperatures cool down in fall, the summer wildfire season comes to an end. Fire danger returns to a low or moderate level, and campfires are once again a part of the camping experience.