5 Visitor Centers You Won't Want To miss

Visitor centers are one of the best ways to learn about a new area. There are countless visitor centers across the country, and they serve a wide variety of purposes. 

Most national and state parks have a visitor center, but some businesses, churches, museums, and other interesting locations have them as well.  Check out our list and consider adding one or two of these visitor centers to your upcoming travel plans!


Carlsbad Caverns National Park

If you're a fan of geology or just want to see something unique, it's hard to top Carlsbad Caverns. The main attraction is the caverns, but there are tons of guided tours available.  

The visitor center is also quite impressive. The center has exhibits about the native plant and animal species, as well as hands-on learning experiences about the geology and history of the area. And of course, don't forget to stop by the gift shop!


NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

If you love outer space, this visitor center is a must-see. Guests have access to a variety of activities and learning experiences. You can touch a real moon rock, speak to astronauts, and get up close and personal with a rocket.

You could easily spend an entire day here learning about the history and the future of space travel. There are tons of tours, videos, and exhibits that are suitable for all kinds of people.


Sugarlands Visitor Center

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to many interesting historical sites and beautiful natural landmarks. Sugarlands is one of the top-rated visitor centers in the area and in the whole country!

Explore the exhibits, bookstore, and gift shop while you're visiting. You can also pick up plenty of information about the park if you plan to explore it on your own. Sugarlands is a wonderful place to start your adventure into Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Grand Canyon Visitor Center

 There are several visitor centers for this park, including the South Rim (AKA Grand Canyon Village), Desert View, and the North Rim. All of the visitor centers provide a great experience, but the South Rim center is especially noteworthy.

You can pick up information about the area, speak to rangers, and watch videos about the significance of the Grand Canyon. It's also a good place to book tours and find hiking trails. There are a variety of bookstores, gift shops, and restaurants to explore.


Denali National Park

Alaska's Denali National Park is home to the tallest mountain in North America. Stop by the visitor center to get an idea of what to expect during your visit. 

The seasonal visitor center features exhibits, a gift shop, as well as a park film where you can learn more information about the area.

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