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Adventures in Magical Moab

Few areas of America pack together as many scenic opportunities for recreation as Moab, Utah. With the delightful town of Moab as the hub of a wheel of wonder, the RV traveler can strike out in any direction and find postcard vistas around each turn in the road. From posh private RV parks to dry camping spots … Continue Reading


Casinos Bet on RV Parks

Many casinos allow RVers to park overnight, but some have gone far beyond that to build RV parks, often with amenities that invite visitors to stay beyond a single day and night.Others, such as Silver Reef Hotel and Casino in Ferndale, Washington, may not have an RV park, but are especially welcoming to … Continue Reading


Hiking with Your Dog

(This is the second half of an article describing how you can enjoy traveling to the great national parks of Southern Utah with your dog. The first half last month described visiting Zion National Park, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the town of Kanab and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. As we pointed … Continue Reading

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Saving History

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, many families encountered hard times, and that was the case for Justin and Anna Scribner of Bend, Oregon. Justin couldn’t find jobs as a contractor and money was … [Read More...]


Pizza Perfection

Nothing brings people together quite like pizza. Of course you should start with a crust that is the perfect balance between golden crunch and soft, doughy center, that is unless you prefer the … [Read More...]


Travels with Maggie

Full-time RVers have many reasons for hitting the road, but how many can say they did it for their dog? Giving up a home and possessions to travel in your RV isn’t something most people do and even … [Read More...]


Backing up Safely

This month, rather than talk about a purely technical issue, we’d like to touch a bit on RV safety. Maybe we should consider this a technical issue because if there’s a goof-up on the subject here, … [Read More...]


Friendly Folk

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association estimates that nearly 9 million households own an RV, and although it’s not known exactly how many travel in an RV full time, it appears to be a growing … [Read More...]


Getting Organized

As any good RVer can tell you, space is precious! Nothing is much harder than figuring out how to put everything you might possibly need for a vacation in a limited amount of rolling stock! Nooks and … [Read More...]

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